The Finance Boutique was formed to address the lack of accessible, yet high-quality consulting available to most business owners.

We take our clients' long-term success very seriously; truly operating in our core values of "Educating, Advising, and Empowering." Most importantly, we meet you where you are and help to grow you into your maximum self.


Our business and professional development processes are thorough because we develop the majority of our tools and resources. Also, we want the mutual satisfaction of knowing you'll conquer your strategic, financial, and professional goals!


We look forward to being your partner in growth and success!


-Love, Your Advocate,


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We provide solutions!

  • In search of business resources.

  • Confused on the first steps to starting my business.

  • I need help to obtain business funds.

  • Needing assistance with my efficiency or productivity.

  • Ready to expand my business and up my competitive edge.

  • Feeling as if I have a gap in my working knowledge/ business acumen.

  • Lacking direction or structure within my business.

  • Ready to develop or revamp my company's image/ brand.

  • I need specific assistance and customized solutions. 


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